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In Annette's photography she is using the architect's creativity combined with her own to express what is important to her with enough room for the viewer to find his/her own meaning and vision. A manipulated visually calm sky sets the main focus on the buildings. The result is a direct print on brushed aluminum to enhance the feeling of architecture in photography, presented in a black metal art box frame ready to be hung on a wall. The artwork comes in a One of a Kind 1/1 Edition in 30"x30".

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A series about the beauty of sunsets, moonrises, and reflections. Due to the different light conditions during the day the same building can look different each time you look at it. During the retouching process, the buildings get isolated from their environment to bring out the uniqueness of the buildings and to be able to edit the sky. In some cases, they are also manipulated to give it a more surreal touch.

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Miniature Size Landscape

Landscape with grasses, mosses, flowers and other plants that looks a small world are spread at their feet. Photographer Katsuhiro Ohkuchi takes photography to make it look like a big world by using trick of the eye. An 1 inch tall dwarf goes on a journey around the small world. A dwarf eyes are the imaginary world of their childhood. It makes reminds them of their childhood.

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This series is focused on the abstract rock formations created over billions of years or in this case eons. The aim was to show the beauty in nature. The photographs is a series capturing abstract compositions created by nature. It should transport the viewer away from negative energy and transport them to a calm state of mind.

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I am Nesia

This series of images is an interpretation of the effects that the recent lockdown had on mankind. It is a reminder of the fear felt on a global scale. Most important, it is there to remind that the human race can prevail and adapt in order to survive and ultimately overcome the damage done by the pandemic. So even though the images might come across as dark, they are in fact a celebration of the human spirit.

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The designer took photos at a time when leaving the house and meeting people was a challenge, i.e. during the pandemic. Staying at home for a long time triggered the author's creativity. Therefore everyday objects found in the house, such as bowls of water, reflective materials, windows in the building were used to model the light. Her works were taken in color first, then changed to black and white. Everything was done digitally. Only one photo she took with artificial light from a lamp and it is a portrait of a boy. Silhouettes are often shown hidden.

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