Rocking Chair:move by Rossella Pugliatti

Rossella Pugliatti Portrays The Move Rocking Chair

Rossella Pugliatti, the project leader of the highlighted design Move - Rocking Chair by Rossella Pugliatti points out, Move is a rocking armchair made by 30 solid pieces of ash wood. It owes its remarkable complexity to a double curved and closed <Cropped>

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Residential House by Joseph Cory

Joseph Cory Creates The Eco360 Residential House

Joseph Cory, the creator of the award winning work Award Winning ECO360 Residential House points out, The Eco360 is a single-family home that is an Energy Positive example of green design. The house reveals the ideas of sustainability with more than <Cropped>

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Zoe Jia-Yu Dai's Breaking The 3-D Mould The 3d Printed Shoes

Zoe Jia-Yu Dai Spotlights The Breaking The 3-D Mould The 3d Printed Shoes

Zoe Jia-Yu Dai, the author of the displayed work The 3D printed shoes. by Zoe Jia-Yu Dai illustrates, The shoe collection was to discover ways and limitations in 3-D printing technology to push the boundaries of these constraints and change these pro <Cropped>

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Gao Pin's City Rhythm Public Poster

Gao Pin Portrays The City Rhythm Public Poster

Gao Pin, the lead designer of the highlighted design Public poster:CITY RHYTHM by Gao Pin says, The theme of the work is to protect the birds and their habitat. Nowadays, the process of urbanization has made many small animals in the city become home <Cropped>

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Shih-Chang Hsiao and Yu-Luen Huang's Hulumao Lounge Cat Toy

Shih-Chang Hsiao and Yu-Luen Huang Shows The Hulumao Lounge Cat Toy

Shih-Chang Hsiao and Yu-luen Huang, the creative mind behind the highlighted project cat toy by Shih-Chang Hsiao and Yu-luen Huang explains, Lounge Chair is specialized designed for the cats to rest, play and feel secured. The ideal of it was from th <Cropped>

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Iv International Contest of Theatrical Poster

Contest Has 2 Stages: 1. Internet-Anyone Can Put Poster to Site. 2. Final Stage. Artists' Jury Select 70 Posters and Make a Final Exibition. Two Team of Jury: Artists' Jury and Theatre Critics Jury. Artists' Jury Select 3 Winners and Theat

Contest has 2 stages: 1. internet -anyone can put poster to site. 2. final stage. artists' jury select 70 posters and make a final exibition. two team of jury: artists' jury and theatre critics jury. artists' jury select 3 winners and <Cropped>

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3-Storey Semi-Detached House by Metrics Global Sdn. Bhd

Metrics Global Sdn. Bhd. Discloses The Verge32 3-Storey Semi-Detached House

Metrics Global Sdn. Bhd., the creative mind behind the highlighted work Award Winning Verge32 3-Storey Semi-Detached House illustrates, Verge32 triple storey semi-detached is a housing development on top of a hill, sitting among lush greenery. The s <Cropped>

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Vinaria Din Vale by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Portrays The Vinaria Din Vale Series of Quality Wines

The author of the awarded work Vinaria din Vale by Acclaimed Designer spells out, The main task was to rebrand and launch a new trademark Vinaria din Vale. The main peculiarity of this project was keeping the original name as well as the main image o <Cropped>

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Ali Alfaifi's Captain Yasser Alqahtani Logo Reveal Motion Graphics

Ali Alfaifi Creates The Captain Yasser Alqahtani Logo Reveal Motion Graphics

Ali Alfaifi, the creative mind behind the highlighted work Motion Graphics:Captain Yasser Alqahtani Logo Reveal by Ali Alfaifi explains, A Logo Reveal for the famous Saudi football player Yasser Alqahtani. This personal brand represents two main aspe <Cropped>

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Tippets and Headscarfs by Evgeniya Naumova

Evgeniya Naumova Discloses The Mosaic Fantasy Tippets and Headscarfs

Evgeniya Naumova, the architect of the awarded work tippets and headscarfs by Evgeniya Naumova explains, The objective was to create a unique thing which will be able to emphasize an individual stile of its owner. Motives was meticulously designed <Cropped>

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