1869 Principe Real by Joao Loureiro

Joao Loureiro Shows The 1869 Principe Real Branding

Joao Loureiro, the lead designer of the awarded project Branding:1869 Principe Real by Joao Loureiro spells out, 1869 Principe Real is a Bed and Breakfast located in the trendiest place in Lisbon - Principe Real. Madonna just bought a house in this n <Cropped>

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Credenza by Ayça Sevinç Tatlı

Ayça Sevinç Tatlı Presents The Calma Credenza

Ayça Sevinç Tatlı, the thinktank behind the highlighted design Ayça Sevinç Tatlı's Calma Credenza says, Unusual combination of ottoman motifs-retro furniture and joyful colors composes unique design of Calma. This simple and clear design <Cropped>

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Award Winning Skynet Display Space

Acclaimed Designer Demonstrates The Skynet Display Space

The project leader of the displayed project Acclaimed Designer's Skynet Display space demonstrates, as our inspiration is net ,we put the net in the ceiling, then we called skynet, Skynet structure: The structure uses fishing net on which fishe <Cropped>

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Uslon-life-saving Swimwear by Valery Graznov, Katerina Semenko

Valery Graznov, Katerina Semenko Reveals The Uslon Life-saving Swimwear

Valery Graznov, Katerina Semenko, the creator of the highlighted project Uslon - Life-saving swimwear by Valery Graznov, Katerina Semenko points out, Life-Saving Swimwear "Uslon " is a swimwear with Numerous Air Capsules Guarding against <Cropped>

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Private Residence by Kirki Mariolopoulou

Kirki Mariolopoulou Shares The Dream House Private Residence

Kirki Mariolopoulou , the designer of the award winning design Kirki Mariolopoulou 's Dream House Private Residence explains, The objective was to acquire all the vague images of the owner's wishes, creating the feeling of a home that oscil <Cropped>

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Come to Camp by Hsin-Hung Wu

Hsin-Hung Wu Shows The Come to Camp Residential House

Hsin-Hung Wu, the architect of the highlighted design Residential House by Hsin-Hung Wu points out, Camping at home, nowadays, is no longer a dream. The congregate housing, located at the Touqian River, Zubei City, has the great architectural conditi <Cropped>

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Call For Expression of Interest For Shelter Design For The Protection of Mosaics At An Archaeological Site in Cyprus

Please Read Call For Expression of Interest On Getty Conservation Institute Web Site: Http://Www.getty.edu/Conservation/Paphos-shelter.html

Please read call for expression of interest on getty conservation institute web site: http://www.getty.edu/conservation/paphos-shelter.html.

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Hergene by Yang Chao, Lai Xiaowei and Li Xinqing

Yang Chao, Lai Xiaowei and Li Xinqing Exhibits The Hergene Logo

Yang Chao, Lai Xiaowei and Li Xinqing, the architect of the award winning project Award Winning Hergene Logo explicates, Inspired by ancient coins in China, the Silk Road, the combination of the square and the prototype of the good meaning, and with <Cropped>

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Restaurant:rico Spanish Dining in Tokyo, Japan by Aiji Inoue

Aiji Inoue Shows The Rico Spanish Dining in Tokyo, Japan Restaurant

AIJI INOUE , the maker of the displayed design RICO Spanish Dining in Tokyo, Japan by AIJI INOUE illustrates, Common concept is “traditional and unexpected”, in other words, “tradition and unpredictable”. And the ratio is ”tradition 8:unpre <Cropped>

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Concept Generation Software:solidthinking Inspire by Solidthinking Team

Solidthinking Team Portrays The Solidthinking Inspire Concept Generation Software

solidThinking Team, the project leader of the award winning project Concept Generation Software by solidThinking Team explicates, solidThinking Inspire is concept generation and inspiration for better products. Inspire helps design engineers create p <Cropped>

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