Award Winning Round Home Decorative Objects

Patapian Studio Co. Ltd. Exhibits The Round Home Decorative Objects

Patapian Studio Co. Ltd., the author of the awarded project Round by Patapian Studio Co. Ltd. points out, Round collection presents new perspective of woven techniques, which is a combination of nature and metal. PATAPIAN studio applied bamboo coilin <Cropped>

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Vassilis Mylonadis's Sousmotif Coaster

Vassilis Mylonadis Discloses The Sousmotif Coaster

Vassilis Mylonadis, the lead designer of the award winning work Coaster:Sousmotif by Vassilis Mylonadis illustrates, It is quite intriguing to be able to see aspects of one country's history and folklore through a different perspective. That led <Cropped>

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Ring by Jung Hee Kim

Jung Hee Kim Shows The Tree of Life Ring

Jung Hee Kim, the thinktank behind the displayed work Ring:Tree of Life by Jung Hee Kim illustrates, A sacred symbol of vitality, 'Tree of Life' inspired this design. The long-cherished desire for immortality is instilled in this piece. T <Cropped>

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Land Art Generator Initiative 2020: Design The Future of Fly Ranch

Land Art Generator Initiative and Burning Man Project Have Partnered to Launch a Multi-Disciplinary Design Challenge—lagi 2020 Fly Ranch—that Will Create The Foundational Infrastructure of Fly Art Generator Initiative and Burning Man Projec

Land art generator initiative and burning man project have partnered to launch a multi-disciplinary design challenge—lagi 2020 fly ranch—that will create the foundational infrastructure of fly ranch.Land art generator initiative and burning man p <Cropped>

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Hasti Kohler's Three Sisters Necklace

Hasti Kohler Discloses The Three Sisters Necklace

Hasti Kohler, the designer of the awarded project Necklace by Hasti Kohler demonstrates, Three Sisters is the name of this necklace which was designed in the memory of three little sisters that once were sharing happiness, sadness and all the moments <Cropped>

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Award Winning Globe Floor Lamp

Edoardo Colzani Illustrates The Globe Floor Lamp

Edoardo Colzani, the creative mind behind the award winning work Edoardo Colzani's Globe Floor Lamp explains, The design of Globe floor lamp by Edoardo Colzani originates from a sphere, reinterpreted by cutting its upper and bottom parts to crea <Cropped>

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Goodappstudio Inc. Website by Keyvan Kasaei

Keyvan Kasaei Exhibits The Goodappstudio Inc. Website Website

Keyvan Kasaei, the author of the displayed design Award Winning GoodAppStudio Inc. Website Website spells out, GoodAppStudio is a group of talented designers, software developers, marketing professionals and project managers who help start-ups & <Cropped>

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Jiani Zeng and Yi Teng Shih's Tag Tag Mark Disposable Cups

Jiani Zeng and Yi Teng Shih Discloses The Tag Tag Mark Disposable Cups

Jiani Zeng and Yi Teng Shih, the lead designer of the awarded project Mark disposable cups by Jiani Zeng and Yi Teng Shih explicates, TAG TAG is designed to distinguish one’s disposable cup from others to reduce waste. Both the paper and tag are m <Cropped>

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Gasometro 2015 by Alessandro De Marco

Alessandro De Marco Reveals The Gasometro 2015 Advertising

Alessandro De Marco, the thinktank behind the displayed design Gasometro 2015 - Advertising by Alessandro De Marco points out, This printed advertising was made for a summertime event in Rome, 2015. A nightlife event where food, drink, music and cult <Cropped>

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Home Made by Caramel Architekten

Caramel Architekten Discloses The Home Made Private Retreat Possibility

Caramel Architekten, the project leader of the displayed work private retreat possibility by Caramel Architekten explains, For the Architecture Biennale in Venice, Caramel’s task was to design a ‘refugee camp’, using a vacant office building in <Cropped>

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