Residence:black House by Liang Xu

Liang Xu Creates The Black House Residence

Liang Xu, the creative mind behind the displayed project Residence by Liang Xu spells out, Black color, provocative of the current fashion and future. The architect believes that the lifestyle and home space of young people are slowly separating from <Cropped>

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Food Service Design

Enofrigo and Desall Invite You to Design a New Functional Furnishing System For The Food Service, Dedicated to The Display and Distribution of Food Products For The Horeca Sectornew Product Design Contest On Enofrigo and Desall Invite You to D

Enofrigo and desall invite you to design a new functional furnishing system for the food service, dedicated to the display and distribution of food products for the horeca sectorNew product design contest on enofrigo and desall invite you <Cropped>

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Li Xiao Wen, Zhou Jin Ye and Xie Jing Ya's Deebot Ozmo 930 Floor Cleaning Robot

Li Xiao Wen, Zhou Jin Ye and Xie Jing Ya Reveals The Deebot Ozmo 930 Floor Cleaning Robot

Li Xiao Wen, Zhou Jin Ye and Xie Jing Ya, the maker of the highlighted design Deebot Ozmo 930 - Floor Cleaning Robot by Li Xiao Wen, Zhou Jin Ye and Xie Jing Ya spells out, Deebot OZMO 930 is an intelligent cleaning robot, equipped with a LDS(Laser D <Cropped>

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Two in One by Artpeckers

Artpeckers Presents The Two in One Backpack

Artpeckers, the designer of the award winning design Backpack by Artpeckers illustrates, The Two in One backpack is a multi-functional bag. It is a backpack with a top-clutch which can be easily removed and they can both be used separately; the backp <Cropped>

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Yi Chun Chung's Reborn Residential House

Yi Chun Chung Portrays The Reborn Residential House

Yi Chun Chung, the designer of the highlighted project Residential House by Yi Chun Chung explicates, Segmented vertical lines on walls and grooves in indirect ceiling are used to allude to an extended spatial height. This solves the issue of insuffi <Cropped>

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Barnana X Starbucks Exclusive-Packaging-Snacks by Nik Ingersoll

Nik Ingersoll Shares The Barnana X Starbucks Exclusive Packaging-Snacks

Nik Ingersoll, the architect of the highlighted project Packaging - Snacks:Barnana x Starbucks Exclusive by Nik Ingersoll explicates, This package was designed by Barnana in the premium coffee retail channel. The packaging uses foil gold throughout. <Cropped>

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Award Winning Shuiyunjian Tea House

Jiang Guo Xing Shows The Shuiyunjian Tea House

JIANG GUO XING, the project leader of the displayed design Tea House by JIANG GUO XING spells out, Project Name: Yun Shun Jean•Tea House Project location: Urumqi city, Sinkiang province,China Building area:460㎡ Main material: the black gran <Cropped>

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T9 Colorful-Tea Packaging by Lv Ronghua

Lv Ronghua Reveals The T9 Colorful Tea Packaging

Lv Ronghua, the author of the award winning project Tea Packaging by Lv Ronghua illustrates, Modern tea consumers pay more attention to the artistic beauty of the packages, which is considered to differ themselves from ordinary people. We made this s <Cropped>

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Jiaxing Bus Shelter International Design Competition 2020

Jiaxing Bus Shelter International Design Competition 2020! Total Prize Is Up to Rmb 90, 000 Yuan!

Jiaxing bus shelter international design competition 2020! total prize is up to rmb 90,000 yuan!.

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Award Winning Supreme Worktop Range Hood

Acclaimed Designer Demonstrates The Supreme Worktop Range Hood

The maker of the displayed design Worktop Range Hood:Supreme by Acclaimed Designer points out, Supreme is a hybrid product that provides flexible and comprehensive cooking experience by integrating the extractor hood and hob into one single surface. <Cropped>

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