Ring by Ali Sattari

Ali Sattari Illustrates The Water Splash Ring

Ali Sattari, the author of the highlighted design Ring by Ali Sattari illustrates, Regarding the perfect shape of the human body, creating something to enhance this greatness is actually difficult. Hence, returning to the natural forms and applying <Cropped>

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Poster by Daeki Shim & Hyojun Shim

Daeki Shim & Hyojun Shim Portrays The Between The First Show Poster

Daeki Shim & Hyojun Shim , the creative mind behind the highlighted design Daeki Shim & Hyojun Shim 's Between the first show Poster points out, Official exhibition entitled Between features 12 young designers and design studios from aro <Cropped>

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Astra Make-Up-Company Re-Branding by Paul Robb-Salt&pepper

Paul Robb-Salt&pepper Presents The Astra Make-Up Company Re-Branding

Paul Robb - Salt&Pepper, the author of the displayed work Company Re-branding by Paul Robb - Salt&Pepper explicates, The power of the brand lies not only in its ability and vision, but also in communication. An easy to use catalogue filled wi <Cropped>

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Hung-Yu Chen's Glimmer of Grey Residence

Hung-Yu Chen Reveals The Glimmer of Grey Residence

Hung-Yu Chen, the thinktank behind the displayed work Residence by Hung-Yu Chen explicates, By contemplating the various states of a great open space through different perspectives, it is as if a cement filled structure has become a vessel carrying e <Cropped>

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Rising Canes-Architecture Modular by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Discloses The Rising Canes Architecture Modular

The lead designer of the award winning project Award Winning Rising Canes Architecture Modular explicates, Our design for the "Rising Canes" is driven by 3 main principles: an ecological understanding of the project, a flexible structure, w <Cropped>

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Riutbag R15-Secure Laptop Backpack by Secure Laptop Backpack

Secure Laptop Backpack Shares The Riutbag R15 Secure Laptop Backpack

Secure Laptop Backpack, the creative mind behind the awarded design Secure Laptop Backpack:RiutBag R15 by Secure Laptop Backpack explicates, RiutBag is the backwards backpack for secure urban travel. RiutBag, pronounced "riot bag", revolves <Cropped>

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Lab.13 Art Contest

A Great Opportunity For The Artists, Which Can Win a Cash Prize, Have The Opportunity to Exhibit The Artworks in September 2019 in Rome and Much More.lab.13 Art Contest, Is a Call For Submissions Open to All Kind of Artists. Works Allowed in The Art Compe

A great opportunity for the artists, which can win a cash prize, have the opportunity to exhibit the artworks in september 2019 in rome and much more.Lab.13 art contest, is a call for submissions open to all kind of artists. works allowed in the art <Cropped>

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Evgeny Arinin's Traffic-Light System 2.0 Traffic Lights

Evgeny Arinin Shows The Traffic-Light System 2.0 Traffic Lights

Evgeny Arinin, the lead designer of the award winning work Traffic Lights by Evgeny Arinin says, A well-detailed and re-think example of how good and high-quality design can change life. Sophistication of design of the sphere of the artist, whose use <Cropped>

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Harbor by Hsin-Yuan Lee

Hsin-Yuan Lee Creates The Harbor Interior Design

Hsin-Yuan Lee, the creator of the award winning work Interior Design by Hsin-Yuan Lee explicates, The building amenities, in this design plan, encompass the reception hall, corridor, lounge, hanging garden, etc. The design team advocated the simple s <Cropped>

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Ask An Expert by Yiwen Mu, Tengwen Hu, Yi Yang, Joo Bae

Yiwen Mu, Tengwen Hu, Yi Yang, Joo Bae Demonstrates The Samsung Health Ask An Expert Ask An Expert

Yiwen Mu, Tengwen Hu, Yi Yang, Joo Bae, the architect of the award winning design Samsung Health Ask an Expert - Ask An Expert by Yiwen Mu, Tengwen Hu, Yi Yang, Joo Bae explains, This design enables users to meet with world-class doctors right from t <Cropped>

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