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I am Nesia

This series of images is an interpretation of the effects that the recent lockdown had on mankind. It is a reminder of the fear felt on a global scale. Most important, it is there to remind that the human race can prevail and adapt in order to survive and ultimately overcome the damage done by the pandemic. So even though the images might come across as dark, they are in fact a celebration of the human spirit.

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The designer took photos at a time when leaving the house and meeting people was a challenge, i.e. during the pandemic. Staying at home for a long time triggered the author's creativity. Therefore everyday objects found in the house, such as bowls of water, reflective materials, windows in the building were used to model the light. Her works were taken in color first, then changed to black and white. Everything was done digitally. Only one photo she took with artificial light from a lamp and it is a portrait of a boy. Silhouettes are often shown hidden.

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Epic Fail

Inspired by the political events that shook 2016, this series observes the dissonance between our perception and reality in the age of social media and catered news feeds. The aim was to question how our materiality can be warped by our opinions and judgements, using the existential currents of Jean Paul Sartre’s "Nausea".

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Limited Space

Limited Space is an good photography design. The work shows some emotions and behaviors of long-term homebound people in limited space during Covid-19, thus evoking empathy and evoking some reflections on the past and cherishing a healthy life in the future. Those who have seen this set of photos may feel the urge to tear off the gray film, which is exactly what he wants.

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Hand Still

Hand Still is participatory art to improve well-being. Anyone around the world can participate by sharing their own hand-expressed artwork on social networking sites. By viewing and enjoying the artwork and creating your own artwork, you can improve your wellbeing. Hand Still includes the four factors for improving wellbeing (1: Self-Actualization and Growth, 2: Connection and Gratitude, 3: Positive and Optimistic, 4: Independence and Self-identity) are incorporated.

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Flying in Dreams

People always dream. Dreams make a human move forward. Where they will lead depends on imagination and the efforts he or she encloses. In childhood, these dreams are usually purer and brighter. That is why the photographer uses children's characters in white outfits. To create a surreal effect in the "Flying in Dreams" series, Maxim Zinchuk utilizes the levitation photography technique. The main idea of the series is perfectly complemented by the words of William Shakespeare: "all things that are, are with more spirit chased than enjoyed".

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