Bplus Wall-Hung Wc With Clearim System by Ettore Giordano

Ettore Giordano Exhibits The Bplus Wall-Hung Wc With Clearim System Wall-Hung Wc

Ettore Giordano, the creator of the highlighted project Wall-hung WC by Ettore Giordano illustrates, With the innovative cleaRim addition, Isvea transforms a regular WC into Bplus, a versatile WC which can be used in public toilets as well as private bathrooms. Bplus WC has a smaller wall-hung pan compared to a regular WC. Its round compact form offers an effective use of space. The new Bplus cleaRim WC has no rim. With no hidden rim, it means there’s simply nowhere for germs to hide. The Hygienic design of Bplus WC makes it easy to clean the bowl which reduces the water usage as well as the need to use bathroom chemicals harmful to the environment..

Bplus Wall-Hung Wc With Clearim System by Ettore Giordano Images:

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